About us

Decologic is dedicated to sale of natural and organic products.

Our products are paints, varnishes, solvents, ..., always looking for quality products, which are environmentally friendly.

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History of Alexander Dominguez

They always say that a health problem is a curse , bad luck, etc. .
In my personal experience with my problem I think I've been lucky, because he got totally change my life .

My name is Alejandro Dominguez and I am proud to be part of this project.
In 1969 , At 14 I started the trade of carpenter . I have made furniture to 28 years, 14 years working in construction wood furniture . From there my work focused laying parquet wood , polished and varnished , and also in the application of paints and varnishes in conventional dwellings ( apartments, houses, etc. ..)

In 1985 my health began to fail. After consulting various specialists , one of them gave me the diagnosis. At that time , many years ago, was very strong .

It started my cycle change . Plants, homeopathy, organic farming , natural medicine, etc. .
At 2 years , after overcoming health problems , they say : You can not keep doing what you do, you apply the products produced and if the disease continues to do so again . Are you swallowing contaminated chemicals in paints and varnishes that apply origin, which are aggressive to the environment , animals and people.

For me it was very hard . It was what he lived, did not know to do otherwise. He had a very serious problem because I enjoy my job and could not quit.

Thus began my second career as a professional. Biofa discover . At that moment it was as if I won the lottery . I could keep doing what they knew , using a product , in addition to leaving a good job, are not doing any harm to anyone ( atmosphere , animals, people , etc). Quite the opposite of what happened before .

The work was killing me and not for labor , but on products applied by ignorance , ignorance or carelessness . The question is : Why not ban it?

From that moment I could work knowing that he was selling health, which gave me double satisfaction . I enjoy using these products.

In 1995 , Quins born painter , SL to implement and distribute products Biofa in Galicia. The appearances in several television programs Galicia Biofa make its effect and becoming known in Galicia through Quins Painter , SL

In February 2013 , DECOLOGIC born, as a distributor of products Biofa throughout Spain and making the leap to the new technologies as a way of sale.

Right now, I am proud of this third stage. My children founded DECOLOGIC , thus helping to keep our planet healthier without mortgaging future generations.

The merit is not only Quins Painter , SL I have to thank architects, doctors, builders and many customers who trusted me and the products. Thanks to them DECOLOGIC opens its doors today to take over as old distributor ECOLOGICAL HOUSE .

Alejandro Domínguez Vázquez (Fatima Dominguez ES4467744G Portela )
Pioneered the application of Natural Products .